2020 Annual Meeting

Join us for our 2020 Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting will be held online.

If you plan to attend, please register so that we know how many people we’ll need to accommodate in the online meeting.

If you have not been in a Zoom meeting before, please view this short video on how to use Zoom.
How to join a Zoom meeting

Some notes and tips:

We will start with all participants having their video and audio disabled. If you have questions or comments during the meeting you can enter them in the chat area.

If you don’t want your name or full name to be shown in the meeting, then rename yourself to just first name or something generic like “client” or “volunteer” or “community member” BEFORE joining the meeting. If you are joining from a web browser, you will be prompted for your name as you join and can enter an alternate name there. This is probably the best way to join if you’d like to remain anonymous.

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