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Extraordinary Young People Getting Involved!

Clara Ames of Harvard recently turned 7 years old!  Instead of receiving gifts on her birthday, she requested donations for L&F to help her neighbors in need.  Clara, her mom, and her sister, Abigail,  delivered 40 pounds of food.  (pictured:  Abigail and Clara)  Thank you, Clara, and Happy Birthday to you!

Abigail & Clara Ames (Clara 7 yr old bday party donations)

Back to School!

Here are some photos taken during our Annual Backpack Event taking place today! Thank you to the volunteer event organizers, Carrie and Christy, for working so hard and bringing this wonderful event to our communities!

backpack 2015 joanne and client

backpack 2015 backpack pic

carrie & christy backpack 2015 organizers