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Thank You For The Overwhelming Response!

May 16, 2020

We were very pleased to have such an overwhelming response to our call for volunteer help.   Over 120 people stepped forward to join our team and offer their help during this difficult time.  Our sincere thanks to each of you!

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the Pantry as safe as possible, beginning next week we will be implementing ROTATING VOLUNTEER AND STAFF CREWS.   This effort will help to ensure that the Pantry can remain open in the unfortunate event that someone becomes ill with COVID-19.

Our two teams will be led by 3 staff members each.  You will be assigned to a team and remain on that team throughout the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.  Because so many of you are interested in helping, you may only be called upon to volunteer once or twice each month.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will do her best to schedule you based on the information you provided on our survey.  She will send out weekly emails to let you know when you’re scheduled.  If you don’t receive an email – don’t worry – we’ll schedule you in as soon as we can.  Please keep an eye on your email and respond promptly so that we know to expect you.

Volunteers are the heart of Loaves & Fishes and we’re glad to have you on our team!

If you have any questions about this or anything else that we’re doing at the Pantry, please reach out to me by email at: CONTACT PATTY.  Specific questions about volunteering can be addressed to Sherrie at: CONTACT SHERRIE.

Once again, my sincere thanks for the gift of your time…it truly makes a difference.  My best for good health.

Patricia A. Stern
Executive Director

2020 Annual Appeal

“When my son David told me he was hungry, it broke my heart.”

                  Your support gives hope to our neighbors in need.

Daniel is a Veteran, a single dad and a dedicated and loving father.  He works on the line at a local manufacturing company.

“I’ve always been a hard worker and never pictured myself going to a food pantry, but rent, utility bills and insurance have all increased so much and money for groceries has been limited.  I’ve been doing the best I can but we eat a lot of noodles, soup and peanut butter sandwiches.  When my son David told me he was hungry, it broke my heart.  I saw a brochure about the Pantry at the grocery store and knew what I needed to do.  I am so thankful for Loaves & Fishes, they’ve given me food and hope!”
                                    Sincerely, Daniel

Several local businesses have pledged $11,750 in matching funds.  Your gift will be doubled if you donate by April 30th!


Great Food Walk is Virtual this year

36th ANNUAL GREAT FOOD WALK to benefit Loaves & Fishes and Sharing, Inc.

WALK…DONATE…SPONSOR… to help end hunger locally!

Walk, run or stroll and enjoy on a day and on a safe route of your choosing.

With painstaking consideration, Nashoba GFW, Inc. have decided to change the Great Food Walk from a crowded event on April 10th to a virtual walk where we can all walk individually or in small groups between now and April 10th.

In the spirit of community action to help address the needs of our neighbors – especially now in this moment – they are making an appeal for you to take up either a virtual walk or a walk on your own time, where you like, between now and Friday, April 10th. Please choose a safe place to walk.

With this energy harnessed we can all still make a difference. Your and your sponsors’ donations are most welcome! You can make donations here online or by mailing your donation with your virtual walk sheet.

We extend a gracious thank you for your participation and generosity!

For more information visit Nashoba Great Food Walk