What to expect on your first visit

Greeter Waiting Area Steward Volunteer Food Distributor Fresh Food Selection Summer Selections Eggs Frozen Protein Pastry selections Bread selections Volunteers Restocking Shelves Carriage full of groceries Volunteer Helping with Bags
Another volunteer will help you with your bags and have them waiting when you drive your car around to the private loading area in the back of the building.

On your first visit you can expect:

  • To be met by a greeter who will supply a numbered token
  • You can wait in our waiting area for your number to be called
  • The steward will ask for proof of residency such as official mail with name, address and recent date
  • The steward will help you learn about additional community and state resources
  • You will not be turned away if you are homeless
  • A volunteer will call you by first name and help you with food selections
  • You’ll choose items from various categories much like shopping in a supermarket
  • In the summer we often offer a variety of fresh produce
  • We always have fresh potatoes, onions and carrots
  • You will receive a dozen eggs, margarine and cheese
  • You’ll choose meat proteins such as beef, chicken or fish
  • Bread is always available and often there are also pastries or other desserts
  • You’ll see volunteers at work re-stocking shelves and operating the pantry
  • A volunteer will assist you with your bags and set them aside while you get your transportation
  • You will pick up your bags at the private pickup area behind the pantry

Lifting and feeding our neighbors since 1983.