St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is hosting an Outreach Benefit Concert & Gala on June 17th!

St. Andrew’s is delighted to host the 3rd Annual Benefit Concert and Gala at 3:00 pm on June 17 at Groton School’s beautiful St. John’s Chapel. The Amethyst Chamber Ensemble (Mary Sullivan, soprano; Joelle Morris, mezzo-soprano; John Poupore, viola; Scott Nicholas, piano) returns to the area with an inspired selection of music, from opera to spirituals, serious to humorous. Joining ACE will be Sarah Geller, violin; Will Prapestis, base baritone; and Heinrich Christensen, organ.  The concert recipients are Loaves and Fishes, Esperanza Academy and Society of St. Margaret.

For more information including tickets, please click on the following link:  Outreach Benefit Concert & Gala

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