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40 Years of Serving Our Community

In the past 40 years, many things have changed at Loaves & Fishes, but many things have remained constant as well. The location of the facility has changed, but the mission is still the same. The donor base has changed, but the same generosity remains. The faces of our volunteer crew have changed, but they share the same commitment to the Pantry. We have evolved from feeding 50 families in 1983 to nearly 700 in 2023!

As we acknowledge our 40th year of operation, we pause to recognize the hard work and generosity of so many who have supported the Pantry financially, donated food and personal care items and those who have given the gift of their time. It was the dream of our founders to eliminate food insecurity, and that dream still remains. We realize that there is more work to be done. Our neighbors need our support, nutritious food and the promise of better days ahead. We are confident that with the ongoing help of our amazing community, Loaves & Fishes will remain strong and continue to provide not only food, but also hope!