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Resources for our media partners and press

2020 Annual Meeting Recording

Recording of the 2020 Loaves & Fishes Annual Meeting which was held virtually due to Covid-19.

  • Hear about our accomplishments in the past year, the challenges we faced and how an entire community responded
  • See the Founder’s Award recipients who have contributed their time and talent to Loaves & Fishes’ mission for 10 or more years
  • Hear client stories that remind us how real the need is and keep us energized to make a difference
  • Find out which 20 volunteers gave the most time last year
  • Meet the Grande and Van Wormer Award recipients
  • Hear about our Community Partner Award recipients and the huge difference they made
  • Celebrate Paul’s amazing contributions to the pantry ahead of his upcoming retirement

Download the 2020 Annual Meeting Video(3.31GB 720p video)

Youtube Preview of 2020 Annual Meeting Video:

2020 Year in Review

The Year in Review segment from the Annual Meeting is also available separately.
Download the 2020 Year in Review Video(139MB 720p video)

Youtube Preview of 2020 Year in Review Video:

Presentations and Documents

Introductory Presentation for Volunteer Audience (pptx)

Client Services Brochure

Bulletin Board Slides

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Most Needed Items

Need Help?

Volunteer Information Sessions


Preview Videos on Youtube
Preview playlist includes videos not listed below. The other videos are training videos and not meant for CATV broadcast.

2020 Loaves & Fishes Holiday Appeal to air in December 2020.

2020 Loaves & Fishes Client Appeal to air until December 21, 2020.

Loaves & Fishes Client Robert Robert, a Loaves & Fishes client, talks about his experience with Loaves & Fishes. (see Youtube embedded preview below)

March 2020 General Video “Daniel & David”, Annual Appeal. (see Youtube embedded preview below)

January / February 2020 General Video Happy New Year. Most needed items, volunteer info session dates, client outreach. (see Youtube embedded preview below)

LCTV Small Town October 2019 (see Youtube embedded preview below)

Open Pantry Volunteers Needed – September 2019 Focus Topic (16:9 checked for title safeness at 4:3)

Volunteer Information (for volunteer recruitment)

Loaves & Fishes Neighborhood Food Project Overview

Chef Markoh prepares recipes from pantry items

Loaves & Fishes Video Previews

2020 Holiday Appeal
Produced with Littleton Community Access Television.

“Need Food?” — December 2020 Client Appeal. Air until December 21, 2020.

Robert, a client’s story
Produced by Littleton Community Access Television.

March 2020 “Daniel & David”, Annual Appeal
Produced by Groton Community Access TV and Littleton Community Access Television.

January / February 2020 Most Needed Items, Volunteer Information Sessions, Client Outreach
Produced by Groton Community Access TV.

“Small Town” on Littleton Community Access Television in October 2019

Graphics, Logos, Colors

Logo in .png format

Graphics, Logos, Colors

Logo in .png format

Loaves & Fishes generally uses a dark maroon color for backgrounds and other color branding. The hex code is #662727 and the RGB values are (102,39,39).

Lifting and feeding our neighbors since 1983.