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Volunteers – Please Take Note

March 12, 2020


During the past week we’ve been busy putting protocols in place to respond to the current Coronavirus issue.  We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety and health of everyone in the Loaves & Fishes community, while continuing to be able to offer groceries to our neighbors in need.

The Client Drive-Thru Pantry worked very well yesterday.  Clients were patient with, and grateful for, the new system.  Now that we have the basic process established, our next goal is to minimize exposure further by limiting the number of volunteers required to effectively and efficiently run the Pantry sessions and the shelf stocking sessions.

In order to assist in scheduling, if you would like to volunteer at either a Pantry session or a shelf stocking session, you must contact Sherrie, our Volunteer Coordinator, in order to sign-up prior to the session.  She can be reached at: volunteer@loavesfishespantry.org.

A few other items:

  • If you volunteer at a Pantry session, please park either in the lower lot, across the street from the Pantry or at Robbins Pond in order to keep the upper lot clear for the Client Drive-Thru staging
  • If you are ill do not come to the Pantry.  In accordance with CDC recommendations if you present at the Pantry and appear ill we will ask you to leave.
  • Alert us immediately if you have:
      • been diagnosed with the Coronavirus
      • been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus
      • recently traveled either internationally or state-side
      • plans to travel either internationally or state-side
  • Follow CDC guidelines for preventative measures which can limit the spread of the virus


On behalf of the entire Staff Team and the Board of Directors, our sincere thanks for all you do to help us support our neighbors who are struggling.  We appreciate your patience as we attempt to navigate through this challenging time.  As always, we welcome your suggestions.  Stay well and wash your hands!


Patricia A. Stern
Executive Director
978-772-4627, x310