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Warm Hearts and Warm Bellies

A couple of local elementary schools hosted Soup-er Bowl canned food drives to benefit the Pantry. These hard-working, warm hearted students collected over 1,300 pounds of soup and other canned goods for our clients!

Student leaders from Hildreth Elementary School in Harvard, Landis and Hollyannah, pictured above, helped our volunteer, Kim, unload 445 cans of soup collected during their SOUP-er Bowl integrity project!

Lura A. White Elementary School in Shirley held a friendly competition between grades to see which grade could bring in the most cans. Congratulations to the 1st-grade students who won the contest! A huge thank you to all LAW students who worked together to collect over 880 pounds of soup and canned goods!

Thanks to so many thoughtful students, our clients will stay extra warm enjoying nice hot bowls of soup during this cold winter!